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Hey so I haven't totally fallen off the face of the Earth. I just wanted some folk's thoughts on this!

Working on an idea for a new Elseworlds mashing Batman Beyond and Young Justice. Set around 20-30 years in the future, we see a Justice League with Conner as Superman, Cassie as Wonder Woman, Dick as Batman, M’Gann as a new female Martian Manhunter, Wally as the Flash, Simon Baz (non YJ character) as Green Lantern, and Kaldur as Aquaman

But it will focus more on The Team now code-named “The Titans”, much larger than the original team and are split off into squads for missions. Members include:

-Warhawk: the half Thanagarian son of Shayera Hall (Hawkgirl) and John Stewart (Green Lantern)

-Ms. Miracle: the New God child of Mr. Miracle and Big Barda. She uses New Genesis tech and has enhanced strength.

-Erudite: Grandson of John Irons (the original Steel), he has an Indigo Power Ring of Compassion. (Other possible names: Empath, Monk, or Sympath)

-Hour Girl: Great grand daughter of the original Hourman (Rex Tyler), she has an “hour” of power that gives her enhanced strength, speed, and limited time manipulation powers. She can use an hour every 6 hours.

-Nightwing: Terry McGinnis, with Dick Grayson as Batman and Bruce in retirement Terry became the new Nightwing with a high tech batsuit.

-Ace: She is the daughter of Anarky and the grand daughter of The Joker. She is a master martial artists and knife thrower, she uses a multitude of gadgets.

-Celestial: He was chosen by the Wizard to be his next Champion, can call upon the powers of the Chinese gods by calling out ‘SHAZAM!’ wears a green and yellow uniform.

-Mocking Bird: Alexander Drake, grand son of Black Canary, he is trained martial artist, has a sonic Canary Cry.

-La Careta or The Mask: he was cloned from Bane’s DNA to kill Batman. He doesn’t use Venom instead when he has an adrenaline rush he gains super strength and endurance. 

-Memento: She is Rose Wilson, daughter of the Earth-3 good version of Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) who was known as Mr. Dead in her world. She was stranded on our world by her father in hope for her to have a better life. She is a master swordsmen and marksmen.

-Manitou Dusk: she took up the title of Manitou after her mentor, Manitou Dawn. She is a powerful sorceress, uses nature magic.

-Jade: Jessica Cruz, she is the first female Green Lantern of Earth and Simon Baz’s protege.

-Q: he discovered the remains of Aztek’s mystic armor in the desert, it bonded to him, giving him all the powers of the original Aztek and the telepathic guidance of Uno.

-White Beetle: Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)’s sidekick, Jaime created a white scarab for his sidekick that was completely immune to Reach control. Has similar powers to Blue Beetle.

-Kid Martian: He is the child of M’gann and (yet to be named human parent) he has typical martian powers.

There were a couple more that didn't make the cut…So thoughts, ideas?

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